"Near Native English Club"

For People Who Would Like to Be Advanced Speakers of English


If you are like most people we meet, you have probably been speaking English for quite a while, but you still feel like there are some holes or gaps in your speech. Is that right? If so, you REALLY should join the Near Native English Club. The Near Native English Club is an interactive group online that consists of native English-speaking teachers and non-native English-speaking professionals like you. The goal of the club is to provide activities and interaction, along with both formal and informal classes to empower advanced speakers of English. It is a fun and easy way to help fill in the missing pieces of your English. Here is what you get as a member of the Near Native English Club...


We are here to help you with all of your English needs. Join the NNE Club and continue to improve your language skills along with a dedicated team and others in the same boat. Click on the button below and we will welcome you into our Inner Circle!